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Wireless Sensor Development

Zigbee Wireless Sensor

Looking at a new Wireless Application?

You want to develop a wireless sensor application, but you have some questions.
What's important in a ZigBee development? What tools do I need? What steps are involved? How much time will it take?
What kind of investment is required? What are the unforeseen questions?
Is Zigbee even the right technology for my application, maybe I should be using Bluetooth, or WiFi?

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Centron System Solutions has leading edge expertise in this emerging technology. Centron is currently working with a leading OEM in the development of Wireless sensor Networks. Centron is developing its own stack software to address the shortcomings of many commercially available Software Stacks.

Zigbee is a revolutionary new technology which will have a significant influence in a number of market areas, namely, factory automation and control, home automation and security. Following on from Wireless LAN and Bluetooth the standard for this new technology was set by the IEEE with its standard 802.15.4. This standard was then built upon by a group of private companies under the Zigbee umbrella.

Useful Links and Downloads to get an Overview of Zigbee:

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  • Zigbee Tutorial from Tutorial-Reports.com