Electronic Product Development

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Electronic Product Development

A USB to Bluetooth. dongle was one of the first products to come out of Bluetooth product development. It allows any PC that has USB to become Bluetooth enabled.

This is the sort of bridge required between a new technology and exsisting technology which makes it easier for users to adopt the new wireless solution.

Software Telecommunications Stacks

Electronic Product Development
The diagram above gives some detail on the Software Layers involved in the creation of a USB to Bluetooth(BT) communications device.

The right of the diagram shows the PC. Running on the PC is the application software which uses the BT Host software layers as its communication channel. Because the PC only has USB hardware and not BT hardware then the communications are channelled through the USB device driver and into the Microsoft USB stack.

In the centre of the diagram we see the USB and Bluetooth device which is running embedded communications Software Stacks for USB Device control and BT Host controller operation.

On the far left of the diagram is another BT device, possibly a mobile phone, which has BT capability and will communicate with the PC application through the dongle.

Centron System Solutions has experience from many sections of this development including:

  • Software design and development.

  • Windows Device Driver Development.

  • Linux Device Driver Development.

  • USB Device Stack Development.

  • BT Host Controller Device driver development.